To step in pace with computerized world and in order to have fast communication with parents regarding some school issues and child centric matters school has the messaging facility/ SMS alert on the mobile phones. The messages will consist of information of the school activities, holidays, special achievement, homework and absentee information. Parents must provide the updated phone numbers to avail the facility.


A wide range of games are available in the school to provide ample opportunities to the students to have their sporting skills. The sports infrastructure provide a unique opportunity for the students to participate in the sports of their choice. In this field competitive spirit rub shoulders with friendly socially ability for our sports buffs. All sports club provides basic coaching to all the members. The school ensure all possible guidance and support to promising students. The school sports centre offers an extensive programme on competitions and coaching and actively promotes participation in various sports. The following games form an integral part to build their physical stamina. Key features are -

  • Sports Complex
  • Hobby clubs
  • Well experienced trainers

Toy–train, Play Station & Picnics

The school has a special play station area equipped with slides, swings, see-saw, balancing etc. where children can play and enjoy themselves thoroughly. To add to their fun there is an automatically electricity driven toy train.

To expose our students to outdoor life and society we organize excursions, picnic and visit to the Zoological parks and neighbouring cities. School periodically organizes concessional educational trip for the students.


As rightly said "The more you read the more things you wil know. The more you learn the more places you'll go."The fuly air - conditioned digital library is an infrastructural marvel in itself. As many as 80 readers can avail the browsing and research facilities at a time. The Library is equipped with approximately 8500 books for allage groups covering various subjects including newspapers, journals and magazines.

Students’ council

It is a body established to put into practice the aims and objectives of the House system. The council is made up of the school captain and his assistant, the House captains and class monitors and representatives of the various activities. It helps the students to learn leadership qualities.

Computer Lab

IT labs are well equipped with the latest technology which includes sophisticated computer software. It is a resource center for teachers and students school have two computer labs, one for primary students and other is for senior classes with the seating capacity of 50 students in each lab all students of the school have the access to the computer lab and come for practical learning under supervision of experienced and qualified staff members. Regular workshops are conducted here to train teachers in a motivational method of teaching.

Language Lab

Language learning in IMS Sonipat has been made interesting and more interactive with the help of the language lab. It helps the teachers to teach correct sounds and pronunciation as phonetics is one of the most important aspect of learning language. An English learning software helps the students in learning the correct pronunciation, intonation, modulation besides building a strong vocabulary.

Science Labs

The school has huge, well equipped Biology, Physics and Chemistry Labs. The Labs with modern amenities and quality specimens and models open up a world of knowledge for children to observe, experiment and comprehend. Interesting projects help sustain and satisfy the curiosity of the budding scientists. 'Learning by Doing' remains the motto.

ITC Labs

With computer education an essential part of modern day living, it has become the priority of the school to make students and teachers computer savvy. The school has 3 computer labs for the Primary, Middle &Senior sections with 40 computer each to equip the staff & students. Special courses on animation, graphic designing etc. apart from regular syllabus are imparted. The labs maintain 1:1 student computer ratio. It not only helps students to learn computer but also guide them how to utilize technology effectively to attain the maximum performance.

Maths Labs

The 'MATHS LAB' provides wide variety of materials to play with and learn the concepts.Thepurposefor teaching maths through the use of hands-on activities is because maths is a life-long skill that must be internalized rather than learned through just memorizing.

Fine Arts Studio

Einstein said, "Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere". The Fine Arts studio in IMS is a place where the imagination and creativity of the child is nurtured. Each child is an artist who paints and colors in an environment that is motivating, supportive, non-judgmental and full of creativity

Music & Dance Room

The Music Rooms at IMS is a space dedicated to the learning of music and playing of the musical instruments. This room exudes the dynamic energy of musical nots. Dance si the hidden language of the soul of the body." - Martha Graham. The well designed dance room at IMS is a space for learning the nuances of dance by the students under the mentorship of their teachers.

Multimedia Theater

This multimedia theatre provides a perfect backdrop for the child to not only read the curriculum but also see it come alive in this multimedia theatre. This ensures that any ambiguity in themind of the child isresolved.

Enrichment Clubs

- Eco club- Eco club encompass activities related to ' best out of Waste'. Eco club teaches the students the importance of recycle and reuse. it includes activities like old T-shirt Painting, Eco bin, paper bag making, etc. - Cultural & heritage club
- Social Intelligence club
- Literary club-Literary club comprises of activities (in English, Hindi, and Sanskrit) that improves the students' speaking skills and demostrate literature knowledge. It covers activities like slogan writing, book review and poem recitation, etc.

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